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Brute Force by KEYMIE

Zip Front Sports Bra Wireless

Zip Front Sports Bra Wireless

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Zip Front Sports Bra Post Surgery Bra

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Zipper Front Closure: Move easily and comfortably. Easy to put on and take off with zipper front closure. Also suitable as a post-surgery bra for those

who have difficulty raising arms. Protective layer of cloth that covers the zipper on the inside to prevent scratching on the skin.

Wide Straps: The straps are wide, elastic, and non-slip that provides comfort with no friction.

Seamless Craftsmanship and Wireless Design: It's the bra that moves with you without irritation or chafe against your skin.

Removable Cup Paddings: The padding cups are removable which are easy to put in and take out, you can easily change them.

Racerback Design: Keeps you cool and fashionable, provides extra support as you move.

Occasion: Sports bra suitable for Gym Exercise, Fitness, Yoga, Walking, Jogging, Running, Cycling, etc. Also suitable as post-surgery bra.


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